About Us

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Our Approach

We are a small family business dedicated to providing excellent photographic products and services. We have 24 years of experience that has earned us a number of imaging and professional awards.  Yearly Seminars and continued training keeps us up to date on the latest in photographic advancements.

Our Story

After attending Michigan State University for a BS in Art History and Graphics I returned to Grand Rapids and got a job at a small Advertising agency.  It was long hours and not the creative outlet I was looking for.  I decided to pursue my love of photography and design and open my own business.  I attended Grand Rapids Community College as a photography major studying black and white photo technique and processing with Jonathan Russell.  I also took classes in retouching and hand coloring antique photos.  At this time it was all hands on work, no Photoshop...

In 1995 my husband and I began doing Weddings.  This included photo album design, retouch and creation.  I began using the Photoshop Program in 1996.  I honed in my skills with classes and seminars at WPPI,  MAIPP, Suzette Allen classes and more.

In 2003 we switched from medium format film and cameras to digital, that is when my love of Photoshop really took off.  The challenge and the constant new avenues it opened up made way for some wonderful design ideas.  Photoshop put the images on my computer for me to manipulate any way I wanted!